Best Hand Blenders

Best Hand Blenders

Here’s your guide to the best hand blenders. Go ahead! Whip up a storm in your kitchen with these top of the line immersion blenders.

* We test out various recipes.
* We make sauces, smoothies and soups.
* We then clean up the gadget to see how quick, easy and convenient that is.

And only then, we review the BEST HAND BLENDERS – so you won’t have to!

Go here to see our top 10 hand blender picks.

You’ll be surprised at what you find on it!


Launch Evolution Reviews

Launch Evolution Review

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback have just released a new program about how to do a product launch. It is loaded with precious and valuable information based on their own highly successful track record, including product sales of over $82 MILLION.

In 4 crisp, short videos that you can access completely for FREE (click here), you’ll learn how to:

* Spot and seize a profitable business opportunity
* Create a killer launch offer for any product
* Leverage the exact model used to create 8 figure launches
* Benefit from 2 main sources of traffic for a massive launch
* Get access to the complete Launch Evolution program

Be sure to sign up for the free video series by filling up the form. And watch the first video that’s online right now – click here

Interesting Healthy Living Reports

This week’s collection of interesting healthy living links. Check them out…


How To Focus Better

How to focus better and get things done? Here are 3 easy steps:

1. Know what matters.

You have goals. Reaching them requires that you do some things. It also requires that you avoid wasting time on other things. Decide which steps and actions really matter. The rest are time wasters. So learn how to focus.

2. Pick the important tasks

Out of the several things you must do to accomplish your goals, pick any 2 and focus exclusively on them today. Don’t include any other tasks on your list. Until these 2 tasks are finished, do not take on any other work.

3. Get things done

There’s no point in listing 2 important tasks if they don’t get done. So make that your top priority. Get them done as early as possible in your day. That way you can focus on other things later.


Inside the Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet is a simple and effective way to quickly lose weight. Dieters frequently describe losing 10 pounds a week without having to take any pills, supplements or doing anything dangerous. The nicer thing is that you can continue to lose two to four pounds every week until you reach your weight loss target.

The program was first described in 2000 by Pierre Dukan who was a nutritionist. The book in which he detailed this way to lose weight quickly became a bestseller and over 8 million copies have been sold. In France, it is widely regarded as the most popular book about losing weight.

Dukan carried out extensive research in search of a diet that would help people lose extra pounds and not put them back on as soon as the diet ended. The result was a four phase approach. In essence, the Dukan diet permits dieters to each as much as you want just so long as you choose an item of food on a list of around 100 different dishes.

For more information about the Dukan diet you can check out this free report called “Dukan Diet: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” at