Blending Tips And Tricks

Try out a lassi. This is Indian version of a smoothie. You can make sweet or spicy versions with salt and spices. Believe me both are simply amazing. Dry roast about one tsp cumin, powder it and keep it aside. Take a few leaves of mint and your favorite plain yoghurt, add ice cubes or cold water, some of the cumin powder and salt. Give it a whirl in your blender and sprinkle the powdered cumin on top. Enjoy ice cold lassi. Make a sweet version with mango and thick plain yoghurt and ice cold water. Add a little sugar if you like it really sweet. Nothing better than a mango lassi on a hot summer day.

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Juicer Tips – Tips For Easy Juicing

Juices are one of nature’s power houses packed with nutrition and goodness of nature. Here is a tip to help with juicing.

If your juicer has a special bin for collecting pulp, line it with a bio-degradable bag to collect the pulp. Once you are done with juicing simply, throw away the bag or dispose it in the compost heap. It makes cleaning up after juicing that much more easy and simple.

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