Mix up your exercise routines

Include a combination of cardio, strength and stretching exercises. Aerobics, swimming, gyms exercises are some example of cardio workouts. These exercises help improve your heart’s capacity to work at really hard tasks. Weight training and strength training help build muscle. Muscle tissue burns fat faster than normal body tissue. It is important to build lean muscle mass for better health. Stretching exercises like yoga are great way to keep the muscles and tissue is peak working order. Stretching helps the muscles to work efficiently and prevents any injuries. A balanced workout should include all these exercises which can be done on different days of the week.

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Changing Your Lifestyle

Make changes to your lifestyle. If you adopt changes for the short term that means a few months down the line you will gain back all the weight you lost because your basic habits haven’t changed. That is why experts recommend that you remake your habits. Become more active. Don’t sit for more than a an hour in one place. When watching TV indulge in some form of exercise. Don’t sit and watch. Watch what you eat and make permanent changes to your eating habits. Stop buying fatty and creamy foods on a daily basis. You can indulge in one treat in a week. Do this as a routine. Even if there is tempting food resist the urge to gorge on the goodies.
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Keep Walking

If you find creative excuses to avoid workouts or going to gym, then it is better to simply cancel your gym membership. Don’t do things you don’t like. Instead your creativity to find ways to active through the day. How about dancing? Some folks enjoy dancing so much that they don’t find it at all taxing or boring. They will go to any extent to join a dancing group or learn new dance styles. If you are one of those folks then join dancing classes and enjoy your way to good health.

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How much cream in your coffee?

Coffee creamers are some of biggest culprits when it comes fat consumption. Even the fat-free versions are not free of calories. If you are consuming 3-4 mugs of coffee a day, you will easily be exceeding the daily recommended fat intake since no one actually pulls out a tablespoon while measuring the cream. The recommended dose is one tablespoon of cream. If you consume 4 mugs of latte you are actually consuming 4 table spoons or more of the offending cream. That is if you religiously measure the cream. If not you are probably consuming much more and not even noticing it.

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How To Remain Active Through The Day

Don’t sit all day at your desk and come home to plop in front of the TV. It is not going to help you burn any calories if you lead an almost comatose life. Every hour get up from your desk and walk up the stairs to a water cooler on another floor. Try to take the stairs whenever possible. Get off the elevator a couple of floors away from your destination floor and take the stairs. Instead of sitting down at watching TV set up an exercise machine like treadmill or bicycle. Walk or cycle away to your favorite movie. Instead of sitting down pick up a duster and clean the cupboards and shelves in the room while watching TV. Fold laundry or cut vegetables standing up and watching your favorite TV program.

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Are you overestimating your activity level?

Stop overestimating your activities. Folks tend to exaggerate the amount of activity they do. For instance just going to the gym and hanging out with friends does not count as exercise. If you were on the treadmill for 10 minutes and spent the next 15 watching your friend apply makeup to her eyes. It means you spent 10 minutes of your total gym time exercising not 25 minutes. If you walk for 5 minutes to the salon and spent 20 minutes in the chair getting pampered and walked back. Then you spent 10 minutes walking not 40 minutes. Keep an accurate account of your activity schedule to know the calories burned.

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Fat Loss Tips Shared By Experts

Avoid all drinks containing calories. Sodas, juices and alcohols don’t do anything to curb your hunger. They in fact make you more hungry because of the sugar in these drinks.

Bring out your tight clothes when you know you have the tendency to eat creamy desserts or fries. The tight jeans will make you think twice before indulging in a sweet treat or fries.

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