More lifestyle changes for acne control

Avoid heavy creams and conditioners which add to the oiliness of your skin worsening the acne.

Heavy cream-based conditioners clog pores on the skin. So, when washing hair ensure it doesn’t flow over your face.

Regular showers and shampoos remove excess oil. But don’t over do this. Use mild shampoos, lotions, creams and soaps. Remember your skin is sensitive and needs gentle care.

Bathe after exercise to wash off sweat. Bacteria feed on your body fluids and thrive.

Avoid rich or oily food. Oily skin does not need oil in your diet to worsen acne.

When shaving use a safety razon or electric shaver to avoid nicks and cuts. Warm water and a mild shaving cream to first soften the rough skin helps in further irritating the sensitive acne prone skin.

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