How Does Strength Training Help You?

Fights The Free Radicals

Weight training on a regular basis is a great way to rid the body of free radicals. These radicals are very damaging to the body. Those who spend hours on the couch have the highest amount of free radicals. Building muscles requires commitment and training but the benefits outweigh the effort put in.

Strong Bones

Weight training benefits bones along with muscles. It is a great aid in preventing osteoporosis. Women should pay particular attention as they face a high risk of osteoporosis once they hit menopause as the protective hormones are no longer generated by the body. This causes bones to crack or break. Regular weight-lifting can help prevent problems in the future.

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Types of Walking

Walking is a beneficial exercise that keeps you healthy and fit. There are many types of walking like race walking, power walking, speed walking, normal walking and strolling. Race walking is a sport and in this your feet have to be constantly in touch with the ground. Power and speed walking is practiced by elite walkers for fitness. Most normal walk just go at normal pace putting one foot in front of the other. This normal walking is enough if you are a couch potato and don’t do much except watch TV or sit in front of the computer. A half hour walk every day can be extremely beneficial to start with.

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How to Plan Your Bodybuilding Training?

There are dozens of programs with different types of routines suitable for every type of body building. With your goals in mind consult a trainer or coach on the type of exercise and training you should adopt for building muscles. It is important to set up a solid foundation on which you build your whole program of body building. So, learn the right techniques, correct form and right way to do things. This will help you along your journey to getting the right body. Diet is another area that needs close attention. Without proper building blocks in the form of proteins and carbohydrates it is impossible to build muscles. So, fee your body and see some amazing results.


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More healthy snack recipes

Blend skimmed milk with apple and serve cold in a tall glass. It fills you up, it’s under 200 calories, is full of proteins and fiber.

Pick one of the no-fat no-sugar yoghurt tubs from the dairy aisle. Add some fruit of your choice and enjoy.

You could also make a smoothie using berries and fruits of your choice and a tub of yoghurt and make a lip-smacking drink. This is a treat that both kids and adults love.

A handful of nuts and dry fruits is another delicious snack. Don’t overindulge on this snack as they are calorie-laden.

Make a healthy salad of vegetables and fruits. Add some pepper powder, lemon juice and olive oil. The combination of flavors can you give a kick like no other.

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More lifestyle changes for acne control

Avoid heavy creams and conditioners which add to the oiliness of your skin worsening the acne.

Heavy cream-based conditioners clog pores on the skin. So, when washing hair ensure it doesn’t flow over your face.

Regular showers and shampoos remove excess oil. But don’t over do this. Use mild shampoos, lotions, creams and soaps. Remember your skin is sensitive and needs gentle care.

Bathe after exercise to wash off sweat. Bacteria feed on your body fluids and thrive.

Avoid rich or oily food. Oily skin does not need oil in your diet to worsen acne.

When shaving use a safety razon or electric shaver to avoid nicks and cuts. Warm water and a mild shaving cream to first soften the rough skin helps in further irritating the sensitive acne prone skin.

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